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Hidden Grace


This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. I call it "Winter Roses”.

It was a blizzardy day, and I was on my way to an orchestra rehearsal for which I planned to catch a certain train with which I was not familiar. The snow was a couple of feet high and temperatures were close to zero. I arrived early, but stood on the wrong side of the tracks and my train came and left (on the other side of the tracks) right in front of me—I was extremely taken aback. My cell died so I could not call for a ride or order a Lyft. The snow kept falling heavily while I trekked back home for 25-30 minutes in 2.5-inch heel boots and carrying my violin. Exactly one minute before reaching my home, ore reaching home, this very beautiful rose bush covered in ice immediately caught my eye. With the 1% physical and mental energy I had left, I ran home, grabbed my camera, and ran back out to capture this beautiful moment. I took photos for about 15-20 minutes, edited for about an hour or two, and posted my photo right away. I usually hang on to my photos a few weeks or sometimes months before posting them, but this one was immediate, as I was so excited to have seen an captured such a beautiful sight.

I later realized that if I would have made that train, I would have never got to capture this perfect moment. The sun would have went down, the ice would have melted, and the flowers would have dimmed if I did not photograph it the moment I did. If I would have called a Lyft, I would not have been able to fully notice and appreciate the beautiful sight enough for me to come back and photograph it. From this day forward, when someone tells me to stop to smell the roses, it hits home. ♡

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